Rogers Therapy, PLLC provides psychological and educational services for teens and adults, including individual and couples therapy, ADHD coaching, ADHD fitness and wellness training, and substance use/abuse evaluations and treatment. Services may be used alone or combined to meet the client’s needs. Additionally, clients may select a combination of treatments, which often leads to greatly facilitating clients’ improvement in emotional and cognitive health, as well as their practical day-to-day functioning.

Psychological Services

Individual Therapy

Many of our clients initially engage in individual therapy with Dr. Rogers where they begin to increase their insight into their presenting issues. Because each client’s needs direct their treatment, some continue in individual therapy only, while others add-on, or transition to, ADHD coaching, ADHD fitness training, and/or couples counseling.

Substance Use Evaluations

Dr. Rogers provides comprehensive substance abuse evaluations. The evaluation is focused on substance use, but also addresses possible co-existing emotional/cognitive issues (such as depression and/or ADHD), as well as the client’s readiness to engage in various types treatment.

Couples Counseling

Dr. Rogers works with married, un-married, and partnered couples. During most sessions both parties are present, although the couple may elect to have a limited number of sessions where they meet individually with Dr. Rogers.

Educational Services

ADHD Coaching

Beth Vagle, ADHD Coach and Richard Rogers, Ph.D. provide coaching and mentoring services to teens, adults, and parents. Through face-to-face meetings and telephone/email contact they provide support and guidance that  helps clients to achieve their goals. They adhere to the same principles that guide Rogers Therapy, PLLC in all of their work with ADHD – they are experts in their specialty and they work with the positive characteristics of ADHD to help their ADHD clients’ achieve success. Dr. Rogers and Ms. Vagle are available to consult with schools and medical providers as necessary.

ADHD Fitness Training

Jon Andersen, Certified Personal Trainer provides face to face exercise training and wellness mentoring services to teens and adults. Jon is an expert in exercise, and in teaching fitness, and fully understands ADHD. He is up-to-date and knowledgeable about how exercises can help mitigate negative symptoms of ADHD.