Psychological Service

Rogers Therapy, PLLC does not have a typical substance abuse client. Rather, our clients may be using or abusing drugs, but not necessarily addicted, or they may meet the criteria for dependency, or they may have been in recovery for several years. But in all cases clients that come to Rogers Therapy, PLLC are looking for a treatment that provides personalized, individualized attention with absolute confidentiality.

Client who have both ADHD and substance abuse issues benefit from Dr. Rogers’ flexible approach to treatment, and his full understanding of the need to treat the ADHD as well as the substance use/abuse.

Those who are already in treatment, or have relapsed may continue in their current individual therapy while working concurrently in one of our therapy groups. Or, if they are currently in a treatment group, they may choose concurrent individual therapy or Life Skill Coaching. Those who want aftercare or who are active in NA/AA and have been sober/clean for a period of time, will appreciate Dr. Rogers’ in-depth knowledge of the 12-steps and his ability to help them to fully enjoy the rich and rewarding experience of the twelve-step process.

Dr. Rogers’ flexible approach combined with his in-depth knowledge of the 12 steps enables him to provide treatment that is personalized, individualized, and confidential.