Issues and Concerns

Relationships / Couples Issues

Couples engage in therapy at various points throughout their relationship; there is no right or wrong time for a couple to seek therapy.  I work with couples in long-term relationships, blended families, as well as couples who are interested in pre-marital/pre-cohabitation counseling. In therapy I help couples to learn new communication skills; identify and develop alternatives to dysfunctional personal or family dynamics; and recognize the symptoms of other concerns such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance use issues.

Symptoms of ADHD in one or both partners can frequently cause discord, hurt feelings, anger, resentments, and loss of hope in the relationship. As a specialist in treating ADHD, I help couples sort out what is ADHD related and what is not. Together couples can develop the cooperative structure and organization that is often missing in the relationship. I am also knowledgeable about medications and non-medical ADHD treatments that can also help foster more understanding, calm, and hope. 

Adult ADHD / ADD

Utilizing a strength-based model, I assist adults, teens, parents, and coupes to address the multiple issues that ADHD can contribute to difficulties in relationships, career, family and at school. 

I have found that adults and teens with difficulties, such as:

  • focusing and sustaining attention
  • organizing tasks and activities difficult
  • forgetting important dates and details
  • difficulties with appropriate emotional expression and
  • performing well under pressure,

frequently possess a high degree of curiosity, creativity and energy.

I counsel and coach clients to utilize these positive characteristics to help them achieve success.

Anxiety & Depression & Other Disorders

The symptoms of anxiety and/or depression are often the primary reason people seek my help. Such symptoms can interfere with a person’s ability to enjoy life and to utilize their natural strengths. Feelings of tension, worry, fear, worthlessness, loss of interest in daily activities, as well as physical symptoms such as lack of energy, difficulties concentrating, changes in sleep and diet. Such symptoms can also indicate other issues, such as ADHD, a mood disorders, or an underlying medical concern. I routinely utilize multiple modes of treatment, including: therapy (psychotherapy and behavioral/cognitive), wellness practices, and referrals to other appropriate services (acupuncturist, physicians, psychiatrists, etc.)

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Recovery

I do not have a typical substance abuse client. Rather, my clients may be using or abusing drugs, but not necessarily addicted, or they may meet the criteria for dependency, or they may have been in recovery for several years. But in all cases I provide clients completely judgment free, personalized,  and confidential help.

Clients who have both ADHD and substance abuse issues benefit from my flexible approach to treatment, and my understanding of the need to treat the ADHD as well as the substance use/abuse.