Who I Work With

Couples, Adults, Young Adults and Teens

I work with married, un-married, and partnered couples. During most sessions both parties are present, although the couple may elect to have a limited number of sessions where they meet individually with me. Many of my clients engage in individual therapy to increase their insight and coping with their presenting issue(s). Each client’s needs and circumstances direct our work together. I meet with clients and couples in person and/or remotely.  I provide referral information for those seeking medication and/or treatments  that complement our work together.

University Students

As a former staff psychologist in a university counseling center, a certified NYS substance abuse counselor, and an instructor at both the undergraduate and graduate level, I have worked with many college students. Combining the best practices of psychotherapy, counseling, substance abuse treatment and coaching I provide treatment that is tailored to fit each student’s needs.

LGBTQ  Clients and Couples

As a member of the community, you will not need to explain what being LGBTQ is about. It will not be assumed that you and your partner are just like a heterosexual couple – just that you are of the same-sex. Your interests in parenting will be celebrated. And, concerns about coming out will be understood.

Identity, relationships, parenting, health, and wellness are common concerns for LGBTQ people, as are issues of discrimination and fear of rejection.  I have conducted gay affirmative research into issues of gay identity formation and LGBTQ workplace issues, and have worked therapeutically with many LGBTQ individuals, couples, and families.